How to Organize Your Erin Condren Life Planner for College

Ah, the start of a new semester. I can smell the freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks from here. It’s a wonderful time of the year for us #PlannerGirls. We stalk Blackboard from the moment the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day for the new Syllabus that will foreshadow the rest of the semester ahead. Plus once those are posted we know it’s time to grab our planners and new pens and get to work on planning our Hell Weeks.

I’ve noticed that girls are always asking around this time “How do you organize your classes?” or “How do you mark when things are due?” etc., and I’m not going to lie. In the Erin Condren Vertical Planner it IS hard to figure out what goes where. The morning/ day/ night headers don’t apply to us that well because we are in class at such random times throughout the day, and the blank headers don’t do much either since it provides no direction.

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New Year, Empty Notebooks

Like any well raised planner girl you know you have a box or drawer full of never opened notebooks that are just begging to be written in. I’ve decided that I’m going to try something a little different this year with one of my notebooks.

As much as I love to have a multitude of notebooks, journals, and notepads piling up around my room I think it’s about time I break the seal and use them. This is a large step for me… I’m not going to lie. But that’s why we buy them right? Because we want to use them.

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New Year’s Resolutions… Yay!

Now comes the time that we start to look back on all the crazy things we did all year that we want to either never do again or continue doing. Maybe you started doing hot yoga a few months ago and want to keep it going for 2016. Well first off… KUDOS TO YOU. It takes more than just a promise to yourself to get yourself in the doing mood. But you have to keep it going through the next year. Don’t give up now to try something new when you’ve already found something you love.

I’m not going to lie though… It is hard trying to keep New Years Resolutions. They’re usually made an hour before midnight when you and the girls are clinking your 5th glass of champagne promising not to drink anymore until midnight. So they’re not always attainable, but that okay! Even shrinking it down a little bit or cutting into chunks can be the way to go about it.

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Back to School: Textbook Notes

I truly believe that the main reason many students don’t do the assigned readings they are given is because they find it difficult to comprehend everything they are reading. Reading a textbook and reading a novel are two completely different things.

Novels allow you to almost zone out while you are reading and transport you into a different reality; textbooks are throwing information at you from left and right. That’s why processing them requires a bit of extra work.

I highly suggest writing your notes out; you’re more likely to retain what you’re reading than if you were to type them. By doing the readings and taking notes you are already ahead of most of your class. So have fun with it. Make your notes come to life, and make sure you are learning what YOU need to learn to stay ahead.

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Back To School: Quotes to Keep You Motivated

I’m HUGE on motivating quotes. Last Spring I put a new one at the top of each week in my planner and read it every time I opened my planner (which was a lot), and it always put my in the best frame of mind.

Here’s my criteria for a solid quote:

  1. Has to be short. I’m not going to read or write a paragraph into my planner each week.
  2. Has to be strong. I pride myself on being a very emotionally sound and strong young woman, and I need something to keep me going.
  3. Has to make me think. If I can read a quote and keep going that’s not good motivation. It should make me stop and contemplate my entire existence.

The Official Unofficial List of The Best Motivational Quotes

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Back To School: New [School] Year Resolutions!

I have found that when I set real (attainable) goals for myself they actually happen, so why not get the habit out there!

Setting goals for yourself is SUCH an important life long skill that everyone should do. I’m not talking about goals like “My goal this weekend is to clean the kitchen”, though that’s a very good goal and you should do that… I’m talking about life and academic goals.

These last two semesters I set very attainable goals for myself, and it very evident. I got my two best GPAs these last two semesters. So clearly something is working!

My Academic commandments
  1. Attain a 3.5 for this semester
  3. No surfing the web in class
  4. Attend all classes
  5. Be active at least 3 times a week
  6. Arrive on time for all classes
  7. Study at least 15 hours per week

What are some of your goals for this semester? Tell me in the comments!