Happy Monday!

Planning Pineapple: May Designs

Summer classes and last minute meetings/ work have completely overwhelmed me already. YIKES!

My planner looks like a literal hot mess, and like my three year old sister somehow got a hold of it… I can’t bare to look at it.  Otherwise I’d show you what this week really looks like… But that’s just too embarrassing. I’ll be so happy when my new planner arrives! {Hopefully next week… Fingers crossed!}

I’m currently using a May Designs eco-friendly customized planner.


Cover Quote: busy is the new happy

I swear by their products. They always come absolutely flawless and individually wrapped. They generally release new prints, colors, etc. every quarter or so. Right now they have a Father’s Day Collection of prints (Modern Naturals). {Like today! Check out their Summer Fun Collection – Featuring Pineapples and Flamingos!}

20% off your first order if you sign up for an account.

FullSizeRender (6)

My Current Collection

They are completely eco-friendly in that their covers are made of canvas and the bindings are sewn. I’m so in love with these products that I’ve repeatedly tweeted them asking to be a Campus Rep. Granted they don’t have them, I figure maybe if I ask enough they might start.

Do you own any May Designs? Share them in the comments below or on Instagram and mention @PlanningPineapple

xoxo MW


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