Late Night Bursts of Engery

Planning Pineapple: My Organized Space

So last night I got home from work around 7p and I was just super lethargic. All I wanted was cookies and Netflix — nothing else. I was talking to my Mom about something and then all the sudden I had this giant burst of energy…

I spent a good 4 – 5 hours clearing off, cleaning out, and sorting my desk. Let me tell you… it was well past due. I hauled out 4 trash bags of old binders from my high school Chemistry and Physics classes {like I’m going to use those in my Finance major. HA!}, old perfume bottles from my first job 5 years ago — that I just couldn’t part with, random trinkets and dead pens.

We found this desk maybe 9 years ago an old furniture store that took old and unwanted wood furniture. This desk has to date back to well before the 1950s (at least). There are no nails, all the wood was cut to fit each nook and curve. It’s literally the best.  I spent a good week or so sanding it from this almost black color to this warmer wood. I will never give up this desk for anything, it goes where I go.

It was such a HUGE relief to have my desk back and cleared off. Here’s the picture I posted to Instagram this morning:


Was up into the wee hours of the night clearing out my desk drawers and top. Found class notes from high school Chemistry and Physics… Who actually thought I was going to need those in college 😂 so happy and so relieved to have this done! #Summer #PineappleLyfe #PlannerAddict #OrganizedSpace #MyStudySpot

A photo posted by Marissa 🌞 (@planningpineapple) on Jun 9, 2015 at 7:16am PDT

xoxo MW


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