Speaking of Planning…

Okay. Show of hands — Who has a Wedding Board on Pinterest… All of us? That’s what I thought. And if you’re shaking your head, you’re probably lying to yourself.

We love our Wedding Boards, they are a part of us. Maybe we don’t hunt out the Wedding side of Pinterest, but if someone you follow is posting nonstop matrimony photos because her 2 month long relationship is going well… You can bet we’re taking a peek.

We don’t even have to be mingling with someone to be re-pinning that peony bouquet with Swarovski crystal accents wrapped in blush pink silk, and sealed with ‘Something Blue’ {I promise I’m not crazy}. But let’s be real, whether or not you’re close to that part of your life or not you’re looking and planning.

wedding board

And God forbid your new beau takes a look at your Boards and notices it… They don’t get it. I’m not planning out our wedding, I’m planning out THE wedding. You can try comparing it to them saving pictures of cars they’ll never afford or Jordan’s they’ll never own, but they still think it’s creepy. And then you have to act super laid back and ‘go with the flow’ for the next couple of months.

Sidenote: What in the world does ‘go with the flow’ even mean. I don’t go with the flow, have you seen my planner? I mark when I’m going to hang out with people… And for how long. {Ex. Hang out with Alais 4:45p – 5:30p} I kid you not.

Anyway. Pinterest is my happy place where I go to find inspiration, recipes I’ll never cook, and clothes I’ll never own. So why is it so bad that I decided to have a Wedding Board? And men think we’re complicated. We are literally SHOWING YOU WHAT WE LIKE. Pinterest is a tool for men, do they use it? No. Instead they get mad that we “don’t know what we want”. NEWSFLASH. It’s online, bite onto your man card, and dive on in buddy.

And for the gals who think that Wedding Boards are crazy… You can make it private. Literally. You can make a board private, no one will see it but you and you can plan your Wedding. Also there have been men who planned their weddings from their girlfriend’s Wedding Board. {Not all heroes wear capes}.

And if you’re up to it… Follow my Wedding Board.
Follow Marissa Watkins’s board Weddings on Pinterest.

xoxo MW


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  1. On point. Love the blunt reality of the Pinterest Wedding Board.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. marissajwatkins says:

      Thanks love!


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