What I’m Doing: July

Oh baby… This last month has been incredibly busy with the end of my Summer Semester, but I’m just so glad that it’s over!!

But now that it’s over I can focus on work and getting prepared for the Fall Semester. For those of you that don’t know I work for Special Olympics Idaho, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the best job I could have ever asked for. We have had State Summer Games and our biggest fundraiser all in the last 3 weeks, and it was just so crazy around the office that I couldn’t focus on anything else. Along with my job I am currently the President of Special Olympics College at Boise State University, and we do some pretty cool stuff throughout the year. I figured I’d take the next two months before classes start back up to get things organized {because obviously} and planned out before the year starts when I’ll have classes, football season, etc. 

Another big milestone coming up is my 21st birthday {WOOO!}. I couldn’t be more ecstatic, but not because of the obvious. I’ll be spending my birthday week volunteering for the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. Which is beyond anything I could imagine. I’m so jazzed to be able to go and represent Special Olympics Idaho and Special Olympics College at Boise State. It’s going to be a such a once in a lifetime experience.

But that’s really about it for July. Follow me on Instagram {@planningpineapple} and Twitter {@plningpineapple} to stay super up to date on what’s going!

xoxo Marissa


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