Spotlight Saturday: Stickers Gonna Stick

I’ve been super excited about this package even before I placed the order and because the entire set is completely pineapple themed. So obviously I needed it.

Well it finally made it’s way to Idaho from Italy! It took roughly 2 days from the time the order was placed until it was in the mail, and roughly a week for it to be delivered. I’m definitely not complaining about that time frame at all!

Here’s what the set looked like inside the packaging:


How precious?!

Okay. So let’s get into the meat of the package. On their Etsy you have the option of choosing the “washi” strips & checklists sheet, the all pineapple sheet, or both. Of course I chose both. So here’s what those look like:


Left: Washi & Checklists | Right: Pineapple Frenzy               Top Right: Sampler









And last but not least they even threw in an absolutely adorable pineapple bookmark! They knew my love of pineapples and they just made summer reading that much more fun!

022Absolutely and completely in love with this set & will definitely be ordering more from them in the future!

Check out their social media and their Etsy shop!

image1 (1)


This post was in no way endorsed by the featured shop, everything was my own opinion. 




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