New Year’s Resolutions… Yay!

Now comes the time that we start to look back on all the crazy things we did all year that we want to either never do again or continue doing. Maybe you started doing hot yoga a few months ago and want to keep it going for 2016. Well first off… KUDOS TO YOU. It takes more than just a promise to yourself to get yourself in the doing mood. But you have to keep it going through the next year. Don’t give up now to try something new when you’ve already found something you love.

I’m not going to lie though… It is hard trying to keep New Years Resolutions. They’re usually made an hour before midnight when you and the girls are clinking your 5th glass of champagne promising not to drink anymore until midnight. So they’re not always attainable, but that okay! Even shrinking it down a little bit or cutting into chunks can be the way to go about it.

Maybe your Resolution is to lose 30 pounds by Spring Break to fit back into your old bikinis… Well I’m going to tell you something one of my best friends told me when I told her I needed to do this last year… “buy a bigger bikini”. And though it was not the answer I was looking for it was definitely something I needed to hear. It’s not possible or healthy to lose 30 pounds in that short amount of time. I’m not saying don’t work out, because you should definitely work out. Get those gains girl! But you have to be reasonable… Maybe losing 5-8 pounds each month is more attainable.

So here to help is a New Years Resolution print out that you can tape above your desk, in your closet, or the front of your binder. If you use it tag me in your social media! @planningpineapple

2016 Resolutions (1)

Click here to download the PDF version.


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